I n   addition   to   the   mix   of   files   and   programs   there   is   a   members   only Skybox   “Suites”   website   that   includes   a      number   of   special   “suites”   or web   pages.   These   suites   include   the   latest   draft   and   replay   managers a l o n g   w i t h   a   c o m p l e t e   s e t   ( 2 4   p r o g r a m s )   o f   H a l l   o f   F a m e   m a n a g e r s ,   a s - played   season   schedules,   home   brewed   disks   -   including   Japanese   and Negro   League   disks   -   a   ballparks   or   stadium   page,   a   Negro   Leagues page   and   others.   With   more   then   100   active   members   (as   of   August   of 2015) the website is a popular resource for fans of both replay and draft seasons. For   more   information   or   to   sign   up,   just   click   the   Skybox   Membership   Info    link   to   the right or click here: Membership Info . All   current   members   of   The   Digital   Skybox   Suites    can   be   kept   up   to   date on   major   site   changes   such   as   updated   access   words   or   other   news.   To ensure   that   you’re   on   the   mailing   list   just   fill   out   the   contact   form   with your   name   and   contact   email   address.   To   access   the   form,   just   click   the red phone icon or image to the left. You can leave the message blank. After   filling   out   the   form,   just   click   submit.   Then   click   on   the   top   right (the   “X”)   to   close   the   window.   Thanks   for   joining   up.   Your   email   information   will   not   be shared with anyone. This   site   is   not   affiliated   with   or   endorsed   by   APBA   International,   Inc . or   any   other   game   company.   All   files   at   this   site,   unless   otherwise indicated,   are   freeware   and   may   be   distributed.   Many   of   the   managers include   “bio”   text   files   explaining   their   purpose   and   it   would   be   helpful   to   include   those   with   any distribution of the managers. Please do not piggyback or hotlink any links from here, thanks. For   additional   information,   just   post   me   using   the   e-mail/contact   link   to   the   right   or   you   can   visit   the Skybox Delphi forum and can post any questions there.  
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Welcome   to   The   Digital   Skybox    website.   This   site   and   its   companion   member’s-only   site   include   a   variety   of   free   and shareware   programs   and files      for      fans      of      Miller Associate’s    Baseball    for Windows           and          APBA International,   Inc.’s    DOS and        Windows        baseball games.       Please       note important     disclaimer     below on   this*.   This   includes   a mix    of    managers    of    every type   -   draft,   replay,   cross era,    19th    century    -    along with    deluxe    or    special season   disks,   schedules   and an   assortment   of   utilities all    designed    to    make    your replays      more      realistic and    entertaining.        To    reach any   of   the   pages   here,   just   select   a   link   to   the   left.   Everything   on   these   pages,   unless   otherwise   noted,   are   free   and may be distributed. But see the disclaimer below for additional details. For    the    latest    news    about    the    website,    announcements    about    new manager   or   files   or   sales   of   items   offered   here   visit   the   News   and Information    page   first.   Links   to   that   page   are   on   the   right   and,   for   quick retrieval,   also   at   the   top   of   every   page.   News   for   the   member’s   only Skybox   Suites    site   is   also   included   there.   To   go   to   the   page,   click   here: Latest News .
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